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Navigating Trust, Embracing Care: Your Partner in Finding the Perfect Match for Your Neurodiverse Child's Journey

At BABS, we get it – finding the right caregiver for your neurodiverse child shouldn't be a hassle. Whether it's full time, part time, or just when you need a breather, we've got you covered. Because here, it's not about getting just any nanny – it's about trusting BABS for that one-of-a-kind care your child truly deserves

> 1.2 Million Children never get the support they need

The only Behavior Support Company To Specialize in Play Therapy 

As Well As


Unique Support Scheduling

At BABS, we understand that behaviors don't follow a 9-5 schedule. That's why we offer flexible and on-demand support, even on weekends and holidays, to ensure your child and family have the support they need, whenever they need it.

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Academic Assistance

Whether its classwork or homework our techs provide academic assistance to help your child excel in all fields.

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Support Locations

BABS helps support you by supporting your child wether its the school, home, a doctor's visit, or even a day around town.  

Your life with BABS

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Here, there, or everywhere

BABS is the first agency to provide flexible behavior support without the traditional hassle.

BABS Paraprofessionals are also able to provide transportation for your child in their personal vehicles, with the parent's consent.

Trained Behavior Specialists

BABS provides high quality trained behavior specialist who works with your child to manage challenging behaviors and increase skills acquisitions in real time.

Our Paraprofessionals have experience with: 

- Aggression

- Noncompliance


- Tantrums

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Homework Help

Less Stress and More Progress

At BABS, we understand that life can be unpredictable and stressful, especially when caring for a child with unique needs. That's why we're here to support you and your family every step of the way. Our comprehensive services, including behavior support, academic support, and daily living skills development, are tailored to meet the individual needs of your child and help them progress in their development. With BABS, you don't have to worry about managing the unpredictable challenges of life on your own. Let us help you navigate through the tough times and provide you with peace of mind.

Services are currently offered in 

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